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Red Carpet Band!

The Red Carpet story began in Ravensburg in the beautiful south of Germany near the Lake of Constance. The Pop-/Rockband Red Carpet was formed in 2006 when singer Dominic, drummer Patrick and keyboarder Michael (who had player together in another band before) recruited bass player Gordian to start a new band. Right from the beginning the original line-up of four started to write their own songs.

Despite their different musical backgrounds or preferences and the lack of a guitar player the band got on well when it came to songwriting and creating a typical trademark sound. Over the years several guitar players joined the band, some left, some were replaced by others, but the core of the band kept on writing new material and kept on doing gigs in southern Germany - sometimes even without the support of a guitar.

The passion for self made music, the ambition to play the songs in front of an audience getting bigger with every gig, and the sheer fun of being in a band, where everyone involved doesn't take things too serious is the fuel that keeps the Red Carpet band-motor going. The current line-up of Red Carpet recorded its self-titled first album in 2017.

Red Carpet are

Daniel Grothe


Gordian Hoermann


Dominic Legeay


Patrick Matzenmueller


Michael Piecko


Red Carpet Albums!

Red Carpet

Songs written and performed by Daniel Grothe, Gordian Hoermann, Dominic Legeay, Patrick Matzenmueller, Michael Piecko.

℗ & © 2017 All Rights Reserved.

1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 Produced by Michael Piecko
3, 6, 8, 10 Produced by Soundapartment

Lyrics: Gordian Hoermann
Mastering: Schallzentrum
Cover Photo: Lisa Berger

Soundapartment: www.soundapartment.de
Schallzentrum: www.schallzentrum.com
Lisa Berger: www.lisaberger.de


1 Somebody
2 Believe
3 Turn
4 Keep On Going
5 Different Ways
6 Right Is Wrong
7 Come Alive
8 River Of No Return
9 Dreamworld
10 The Way It Is
11 To Be Free



Red Carpet Coming Next!




Musikcafé Flieger

Red Carpet - Live.
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Wangen im Allgäu

JazzPoint Wangen

Red Carpet - Live.
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Red Carpet Past Events!





Gsälzbär die Sechste. Wir freuen uns wieder auf ein volles Haus, und ein super Team.





Red Carpet darf erneut Cars@Catwalk der Schwäbisch Media in der Oberschwabenhalle Ravensburg musikalisch begleiten.




FertighausWelt Günzburg

Red Carpet spielt im Rahmenprogramm von Radio7 beim Tag der Musterhäuser.





Red Carpet - Live.
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Ravensburg Razorbacks

Wir spielen am Sonntag, den 01.07. beim Heimspiel der Ravensburg Razorbacks im Lindenhofstadion in Weingarten.

Red Carpet Live!

How to see and hear the band live

We're proud to have our first album out and we're eager to perform the new songs live together with the older song material of the band.

Besides the places announced on our homepage where you can see and hear us live, we're constantly looking for new locations to perform our music. Do you know a good place for gigging in your town? If so, don't hesitate to fill in the form below to contact the band. We'll do our best to play any place suggested.

If you leave your email address (which is just optional *), we will contact you when we have fixed a gig in or near your town.

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Red Carpet Videos!

Connect with us

Radio7 Band Bus!

Out of the rehearsal room, straight into the radio

Dominic and Jack from the local radio station Radio7 are on the road with their bandbus looking for the secret stars of the country. Red Carpet made it to be played! Here you can listen to the complete interview and get some additional information.

And here is "Parce qu'on vient de loin", a cover song by the French artist "Corneille", which was live recorded during the Radio7 session of Red Carpet.

Contact us


Dominic Legeay

+49 173 3536647

Patrick Matzenmueller

+49 176 64264733